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Fagus sylvatica `Tricolor' Beech

Abies alba `Pendula'

Pinus controra `Taylor's Sunburst'

Amorphophallus konjac (Voodoo Lily)

Pinus parviflora `Ogon Janome'

Abies pinsapo `Glauca'

Acer palm.Bloodgood/Aureum/Green

Taxus cuspidata`Nana Aureseens'

Acer palm.`Asahi zuru'

Acer shirasa`Autumn Moon'

Amorphophallus konjac(Voodoo Lily)

Amorphophallus konjac







Plant Display's

Acer diss.`CrimsonQueen/Viridis' combo

Aesculus carnea`Ruby Red' Horsechestnut

Sciadopitys Vertillata`Japanese Umbrella


Abies lasiocarpa `Arizonica Compacta'

Pinus cont.`Taylor Sunburst'

Mix conifers

Hypertufa Trough Garden

Hypertufa Trough Garden

Hypertufa Trough Gardens

Conifer Hypertufa Trough

Hydrangea macrophylla`Endless Summer'

Trough's and many colorful plants

Always a good selection of colorful plants that value to your landscape

Hardy Banana

Hardy Banana Tree

Albizia (Mimosa)


Aesculus (Buckeye)

Pinus parvilfora`Fukai'

Asimina triloba

Picea orientalis `Aurea'

Pinus wallichiana

Taxus baccata`Golden Irish Yew'(20yr.sp.

Alstroemeria peruvain lily

kniphofia uvaria

Hydrangea macrophylla

Amorphophallus konjac

Cornus kousa

Spec.Japanese Maple

Pinus parviflora`Elf'

Sciadopitys Vertillata(Japanse Umbrella Pine)

Chamaecyparis obtusa`Nana Lultea'

Pinus parviflora`Goldilocks'

Pinus parviflora`Tani mano uki'

Cephalotaxus(Plum Yew)`Prostrata'

Pinus leucodermis

Pinus densiflora`Burks Dwarf Variegata'

Abies koreana `Hortsmann Silberlocke'

Pinus sylvestris`Aurea'

Magnolia `Grandiflora'

Cedrus atlantica`Glauca Pendula'

Picea abies`Cupressina'

Pinus strobus`Fastigata'

Picea orientalis aurea`Skylands'

Picea orientalis aurea`Skylands'

Pinus dens.`Burk's Red'

Abies alba`Pendula'

Taxus baccata`Amersforte'

Abies pinsapo`Glauca'

Abies pinsapo`Aurea'

Coruns syn.dendrobenthamia capitata (Evergreen)

Conifers in the cold winter

Some of the different conifers

Alot of color in our nursery any time of the year

Steve and bass

M342A2 (21/2 ton Dump)

Hydrangea `Glowing Embers'

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